Decentralized social trading run on Binance Smart Chain

What’s CAMP?

CAMP is a platform assembly of funds managers and investors. Anyone can create their fund and earn commission managing investment for the community. Our platform runs on a blockchain using a smart contract to manage returns for all parties, which has high security and diminishes unnecessary costs. CAMP’s ultimate goal is to become a total decentralized investment platform.

Earn income by trading crypto for the community.

If you are going to invest in crypto anyway, why don’t you trade for the community and profit from the commission fee? At CAMP, we got all tools you need to beat the market, and you got community investment to support you! Let’s Trade for communities, earn from the community, and return to the community!

Let’s pro-crypto trader managing investment and earn profit for you.

If you are interested in investing in crypto but lack knowledge and time, why don’t you leave this problem to a pro-investor at CAMP? We are a platform consisted of skilled investors and funds to invest. Let’s professional traders grow your assets while you are doing something else.